Saturday, October 27, 2007



Ours is a worsening situation. It is reflected in the poverty of our people, the destruction of our natural resources and our eco-system, the decadence of our values through the influence of bad media, political instability and the lack of political will to change the system.


The Carmelite School system envisions a Philippine society that is free, just, democratic and humane. It will strive to work for total human development based on Christian principles and values.


As a Catholic institute of learning, it shall provide a Christian and quality education that is nationalistic, scientific, mass-oriented, contemplative and liberating.

It shall participate in the evangelical task of the Church in the promotioin of God's Regin, here and now. In the process of evangelizing others, it shall experience their evangelizing power.


The following goals had been articulated to actualize the Vision-Mission of the Casrmelite School System:

1. Strengthening of Religious Educatio0n/Christian Formation as the core of the curriculum.
2. Provision of quality education that is nationalist, scientific, people-oriented, contemplative and liberating.
3. Competency building of administrators, faculty members and non-teaching personnel for efficient and effective service.
4. Organizing and promotion of the spirit of Christian Community inside the campus.
5. Provision of an environment that is conducive to learning.
6. Nurturance of professional ethics among administrastors, faculty members and non-teaching personnel.
7. Participation in building the Church of the Poor.
8. Support for the Filipino struggle for social transformation.
9. Care for the integrity of creation.


The goals will be achieved through center-building for care and dialogue; development programs for administrators, faculty members and non-teaching personnel; curriculum development; maximum utilization of resources; financial viability; community extension services; development of linkages with People's organizations (POs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). It will enjoin the involvement of parents and alumni in the education process and in the protection, conservation and promotion of our life-support systems. Democractic processes will be upheld in the realization of the Vision-Mission-Goals.


We invoke the blessing and guidance of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Carmelite Saints and Martrys (Saint Therese of Lisieux, saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross, St. Peter Thomas, St. Andrew Corsini, St. Simon Stock, others) and Martyrs (Blessed Titus Brandsma, Saint Edith Stein, others) our Holy father Elijah the prophet, the Filipino people struggle for a just, free, peaceful and humane society.


Mount Carmel College believes that ever individual has God-given talents which, given the proper motivation and a conducive environment, can be tapped for self-development, enabling him/her to become responsible, productive and mature member of the society. Thus, leading him/her towards the realization of his/her human vocation within the society, MCC strives to:

(1) Provide students with a relevant Christian education that is nationalist, scientific, mass-based, holistic, contemplative and liberating.
(2) Provide students the intellectual, social, physical, moral and spiritual development program to help discover their potentials and capabilities to be good and upright citizens of the country.
(3) Offer relevant curricual studies, Values Education and Christian Formation, methods of scholarship, research, creative endeavor, and opportunities for extra-curricular development by providing them with the necessary skills and experience which maximize their chances for meaningful and dignified life and responsible and responsive role in the society.
(4) Prepare professionals and technologists who will contribute to the needed leadership and progress of the society.
(5) Train the person in skills to meet the man-power need of the community.
(6) Engage in the search and research for the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of the quality and meaning of human life, especially in the pursuit of cultural enrichment, spiritual renewal and moral recovery and the socio-economic-political dimensions of the Filipino in general.
(7) Contribute to the progress of society.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006



a. City Meet
b. Intrams Awarding Ceremony
c. Intramurals 2007 (NEW)
d. Intramurals 2007 Day 2
e. Intramurals 2007 Day 3
f. Carmelians' Month, Good Governance Symposium
g. Linggo ng Wika Day 1
h. Linggo ng Wika Day 2
i. Linggo ng Wika Day 3
j. MCC Videos
k. Foundation Days
l. Panunuluyan
m. Retreat
n. Veneration of St. Therese Relics
o. Alumni Homecoming 2008
p. Graduation 2008
q. ED Trip 2008

Elementary Student Council with their Adviser, Jocelyn Ortega

High School Student Council with their Adviser, Analyn Cervana

College Supreme Student Government

Carmelite Ember Staff

Carmelite School System Administrators attend CEAP 2007

Board of Trustees


Fr. Artemio D. Jusayan, O.Carm.

Sr. Mila Margaret Montegrejo, Carm.O.L.

Fr. Christian B. Buenafe, O.Carm.

Fr. Perfecto Ll. Adeva, O.Carm.

Fr. Alaindelon D. Balasabas, O.Carm.

Mrs. Rosalinda E. Moreno, T.O.Carm.


Fr. Perfecto Ll. Adeva, O.Carm.

Fr. Sirenio T. Jaranilla, O.Carm.
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Ms. Emerenciana R. Llavore, T.O.Carm.
Basic Education Principal

Sr. Chita Angela A. Torres, Carm.O.L.
Dean of College

Mrs. Erlinda S. Barairo
Associate Dean

Ms. Bernadette P. Sabete

Mrs. Ernestina L. Alburo
Office of Student Affairs


Mr. Joaquin T. Peralta
Liberal Arts' Coordinator

Mr. Allan Valiente
Commerce Coordinator

Mrs. Ernestina L. Alburo
ACATECH Coordinator

Mrs. Erlinda S. Barairo
College of Education Coordinator

Mr. Lino T. Zaragoza
Networking Coordinator